At Ezycoaccounts we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best service possible. We don't charge sky high prices and we try to give great value for money.

We know that every client who has their own limited company is completely different from the next, so we see you as individuals with different needs. To recognize this we have 3 levels of service through Ezycoaccounts.

Ezycoaccounts is all about you and what we can do for you and every step of the way we will not shy away from helping you with the inevitable complications that may occur from time to time in business.

Why Ezycoaccounts?

We are proud to be competitive within the market, and our fee structures represent the service you receive.

To see in detail what you get from each service please have a look here.

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Our Services

Our Cubed³solution will help you create and form your limited company, deal with correspondence from the HMRC, provide you with tax calculations for both your salary and dividend payment and give you access to your online portal - where all book keeping information is stored.

The Multiplier X solution is the hassle-free all round service which is preferred by the majority of our clients. Multiplier X gives you the freedom to concentrate on the job at hand while Ezycoaccounts takes care of everything for you, including setting up your limited company, invoicing, pay rolling, book keeping, VAT returns, Annual Returns, as well as allowing you access to Ezycoaccounts financials, Ezycoaccounts legals and of course all of the service you get from Cubed³ solution too!

Our MC² service is tailor made around each individual client. You have the option of delegating to us, what you don't want to do. With the average fee for Annual Returns ranging from just £195.00 + VAT, Ezycoaccounts aims to give you a tailor-made package to suit you, as we understand that you may not need us to do everything for you